How To Upload Bitcoin To Skrill

This article will explain how to upload or withdraw bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet to your Skrill Account.

1. First login to your Skrill Account and click on upload button.

2. Click on bitcoin and continue button to the next step as shown below.
3. Enter the amount you want to upload and your E-mail address and click on the proceed to bitpay button to continue as shown below.
4. Click to copy the bitpay bitcoin address and bitcoin amount as shown below.
5. Login to your blockchain wallet and click on the send button and paste the copied bitpay bitcoin address and the amount as shown below.
6. Click the next step button to confirm and the send button to complete the transaction as shown below.

7. Now click on the Return to Paysafe Group USD to return to your Skrill Account as shown below.
8. Finally you will need to wait for about 120 minutes for funds to appear in your account.


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  2. Good guide. I learn about cryptocurrency from here , and found your guide useful. Thanks! :)


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